Recruitment elevator project management 2

Main work content:
1. Responsible for the management and guidance of elevator installation.
2. Responsible for the assessment and guidance of the business and work of the subordinate management personnel and installers.
3. Responsible for the recovery of the installation fee in the jurisdiction.
4. Responsible for the safety management, environmental management and on-site supervision of the installation site.
5. Responsible for the installation and commissioning of confirmation and replacement and replacement of missing and missing parts.
6. Responsible for collecting and sorting the elevator installation plan.
7. Responsible for supervising the start-up procedures and delivery acceptance of the installation site.
8. Responsible for summarizing, reviewing, formulating the billing plan, and giving feedback to the finance.
9. Responsible for liaison with relevant government departments and industry management departments.
10. Handle other work tasks that the superiors confess.

Job Requirements:
1. Elevator, mechatronics, mechanical, numerical control related majors, college degree or above, engaged in elevator maintenance or elevator installation more than one year of practical work experience, or related project construction management experience;
2, good health, hard work, adapt to stress work, professionalism and a high sense of responsibility, a good team spirit;
3, holding the job permit is preferred.
Salary: 80,000-120,000 / year, insurance
1 elevator mechanic designer
1. Non-standard and standard design of mechanical parts, and a list of drawings. 2. Standard design work for new parts and components, human-machine interface design. 3. Modeling and rendering related work of historical standards. 4. Review the ECR, ECO and technical conditions of the PDC. 5. Upgrade or revision of the standard design. 6. Assist other departments in dealing with issues related to standard design. Requirements: 1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, mechanical or related major; welcome outstanding freshmen; 2. More than one year of mechanical design work experience, experience in elevator design, especially mechatronics component design; Basic English literacy, good oral English is preferred; 4. Skilled use of Office software, AutoCAD, Solidworks and other CAD software, with good computer skills; 5. Strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit and communication skills, can Independent analysis and ability to solve work problems, self-learning ability; 6. Mechanical engineer certification is preferred.
Address: Economic Development Zone, Qidu Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Salary: Negotiable, insurance

Contact: Manager, telephone 18013717186