• Is the

    Is the "old age" elevator a repair? The owner has the final say

    Recently, some residents of the second Jinbi Garden in Haizhu District smiled and said that the “big stones” hanging in their hearts finally landed because they would be able to use the new elevator. In fact, this is not the first time the new ladder is replaced in the community. As early as last more

    2019.10.21 Industry News
  • Adding an elevator,

    Adding an elevator, "blocking point" is a "breakthrough point"

    "Stairs to the ladder, the dream is so happy, too happy!" Recently, Song Laobo, a resident of Dingda Apartment Building No. 481, Mengzi Road, was put on the red clothes, and the neighbors welcomed the elevator in their own building. The start of work. In order to make the residents add a dream to more

    2019.10.21 Industry News