Adding an elevator, "blocking point" is a "breakthrough point"


"Stairs to the ladder, the dream is so happy, too happy […]

"Stairs to the ladder, the dream is so happy, too happy!" Recently, Song Laobo, a resident of Dingda Apartment Building No. 481, Mengzi Road, was put on the red clothes, and the neighbors welcomed the elevator in their own building. The start of work.

In order to make the residents add a dream to the elevator in the early round, combined with the theme of “not forgetting the heart, remembering the mission”, the functional departments such as the Huangpu District Housing Management Bureau “squat down, sink the heart, check the truth and form the combined force”, and a series of measures promote the Huangpu District. The elevator work is obviously speeding up. Dingda Apartment is the fourth residential area of ​​the existing residential building in Huangpu District after the 303 Lane of Raw Water, Yilu and Dapu Road, and two elevators will be started.

"Old houses are equipped with elevators to promote work, where is the card, where is the joint point of the government department." The person in charge of the district housing management bureau said. Adhere to the problem-oriented, district housing management bureau went deep into the streets, the neighborhood committee widely listened to the residents' suggestions, analyzed the residents' demands: the residents did not understand the problems of installing elevators, construction effects, etc., and the concerns were heavy, resulting in slow project promotion; residents' approval process for elevators Unfamiliar; for the cost sharing, the residents' opinions are difficult to be unified; the follow-up use, maintenance costs and property management of the elevators cannot be refined; the construction involves wire laying, greening and transplanting, and the planning of the "red line", the historical protection of the building's particularity, and some obstacles Numerous problems in emergency lifelines such as fire rescue, resulting in the failure to approve the proposal, and so on. The district housing management bureau organized and analyzed the plugging points for promoting the installation of elevators as a breakthrough point for work promotion.

To solve these problems, multiple departments need to work together. The District Housing Authority is the first functional department faced by residents applying for the escalation. They coordinated with the district planning, district construction management and other departments to negotiate and simplify the elevator installation operation process, and compiled an easy-to-understand "Huangpu District existing multi-storey residential elevator service guide & installation question and answer" to make the people to the elevator The added path is clear at a glance. Elevator installation conditions, contract signing, project supervision, follow-up use and maintenance programs, etc. all have higher requirements for professional level. The district housing management bureau will guide and cultivate a professional third-party organization with elevators, the district elevator installation promotion center. Promote the installation of elevators in the whole district to shift gears and speed up.

In addition, in the key links of residents' work, technical solutions, standard setting, process optimization, and fund implementation, the District Housing Management Bureau has achieved breakthroughs through collaboration with multiple departments. For example, the residents of Building 13 of Mengzi Community basically reached a consensus on the installation of elevators. However, due to the fact that the industry committee and the property did not reach an agreement on the subsequent management responsibility, related expenses, operation and maintenance, the project was temporarily stranded. After the District Housing Authority understands the situation, the Leading Area Market Supervision Bureau, Wuliqiao Street, Wuliqiao Street Housing Office, the Industry Committee, the property, and the resident representatives will hold the elevator follow-up maintenance coordination meeting, and through the coordination meeting, the elevator will be refined. The follow-up use, maintenance costs and property management work, the industry committee reached an agreement with the property, the project continued to advance, after the public notice period, the district housing management bureau officially established the project.

In the construction of the Dingda Apartment 1 and 3 building elevators, the District Housing Authority has boldly streamlined the process: from the perspective of convenience, within the scope of reasonable compliance, the approval and publicity will be carried out simultaneously, greatly shortened. Processing time. The installation of elevators in the 2nd and 3rd buildings was applied at the end of April 2019, and the project was officially started on September 26, only in a short period of five months. At the groundbreaking ceremony, the residents smiled and said: I did not expect that, so fast, the true dreams come true today.

In order to prevent residents from “detours” because they do not have the installation conditions after consulting and projecting, the District Housing Authority has taken the initiative to step forward and carry out retrofitting on some old multi-storey residential houses with intentional installations reported on the streets. Elevator feasibility check. “Since last year, we have commissioned the Academy of Sciences to carry out the feasibility study in batches. Up to now, a total of 29 communities and 390 house buildings have been arranged, of which 274 are technically feasible.” It is said that through the arrangement, the district housing management bureau is aware of the old community, and timely files the qualified communities, so that residents can inquire before consulting.

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