Is the "old age" elevator a repair? The owner has the final say


Recently, some residents of the second Jinbi Garden in […]

Recently, some residents of the second Jinbi Garden in Haizhu District smiled and said that the “big stones” hanging in their hearts finally landed because they would be able to use the new elevator. In fact, this is not the first time the new ladder is replaced in the community. As early as last May, some elevators in 33 and 47 residential buildings were replaced and put into use. Renovating old elevators has always been a "difficult problem". How is the community solved smoothly?

There are repeated problems in the old elevators. The residents are "stunned"

According to reports, the second Jinbi Garden was handed over in August 2001. Most of it is a 32-storey high-rise building with nearly 4,000 households. 47 elevators in 24 buildings have been in use for 18 years. It is a veritable “old age” elevator, so the performance is gradually declining. During the operation, there are frequent dim lights in the elevators, and occasionally “squeaky” during operation, suddenly slipping and other issues. Let the residents be scared.

Seeing that the elevator is getting older, it is to continue to repair and use, or to replace; how to unify the opinions of residents, who will make money out... A series of problems plagued residents, neighborhood committees and properties. In order to protect their own rights and interests, some owners took the lead in organizing the request to set up a committee. At the beginning of 2017, Jinbixi Community Residents Committee and Jinbi Real Estate joined forces to launch elevator renovation work.

Multi-party linkage coordination

In order to coordinate and unify the opinions of residents, the neighborhood committee first invited third-party professional organizations to test and evaluate, in-depth understanding of the current situation of elevators, and collect opinions of residents on elevator maintenance plans and replacement and renovation cases. After many times organized the symposium for elevator renovation owners, the two 2/3 owners of the building agreed to replace the new elevator, and the elevator renewal work was promoted.

After reaching a unified opinion on the replacement of elevators, the cost issue has become the focus of most residents. Therefore, the maintenance funds are used to repair the old facilities of the park, and the available balance is insufficient to pay for the replacement of the elevator. After many discussions by the residents' committee, the elevators will be replaced by maintenance funds and owners' fund-raising methods, and will be shared according to the proportion of their own building materials.

Qi Xueli, the head of the second Jinbi Garden customer service department, said that the process of fundraising was not as easy as imagined. “Some residents living on the lower floors were dissatisfied with the cost allocation method. Finally, the main force, such as party members and building representatives, took the lead in paying fees. Together with the property management and neighborhood committees to explain the work together, they dispelled the residents’ doubts.”

Recently, the reporter came to 38 residential buildings to see that the old elevator has been dismantled. The new brand elevator manufacturer is replacing the new ladder for each building. It is expected that five residents can use the new elevator at the end of the year. On October 9, 35 new ladders have been put into use. At present, the property staff is eyeing the construction site every day and regularly informs the owner of the construction progress. The second Jinbi Garden said that it will speed up the work of paving and changing the ladder, complete the replacement of 47 elevators as soon as possible, and create a safe and safe living environment for the majority of owners.

Micro-community e-home reporter Qiu Minhua

Today's discussion focus

The residential building elevators in the second Jinbi Garden in Haizhu District have deteriorated after 18 years of use. Many residents have requested to replace the elevators, but the opinions of the parties are difficult to coordinate. The neighborhood committee and property management started the elevator renovation work, and coordinated the coordination of residents with various parties. Party members and enthusiastic residents took the lead to become volunteers, and went door-to-door to promote and collect fees. After patient communication with the residents, the elevator renewal work has been smoothly advanced. How do you think of this solution?

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