Talk about several advantages of panoramic elevator


       In the 1950s, the world's first outdoor glass el […]

       In the 1950s, the world's first outdoor glass elevator was installed in a hotel for world entertainment. D In modern times, especially in some economically developed areas, the existence of panoramic elevators has been widely used, and it has also become a kind of urban scenery. The current panoramic elevator is not only a means of transportation between floors, but also a main element of the design plan. In hotels, country houses, commercial or business centers, the panoramic elevator design complements the architecture of the building, making it modern and elegant. In addition, the advantages of this type of elevator include:

  1) The elevator is installed inside or on the facade of the building. Passengers can observe and appreciate the landscape inside or around the building by taking the glass elevator; it turns daily traffic into a brand new experience. The vertical elevator can also save the usable area of ​​the building;

  Can create a design style, simple and fashionable appearance. Whether it is a more traditional style building or a modern building, the glass elevator can be installed anywhere, because its transparent materials blend into it and become a part of any building. Not only the elevator car is eye-catching, but also the elevator machinery is clear at a glance, providing passengers with a more interesting journey;

  2) People in the glass elevator can look around, which gives them the opportunity to see the banner of the retail store from a distance. This fact makes the elevator do extra advertising for the brand in large shopping malls;

  Reduce discomfort and no sense of space limitation. Let your guests enter bright and airy glass elevators instead of darker metal elevators, which may help ensure that visitors or employees are satisfied.

  Buildings equipped with such lifting equipment have a higher status in the eyes of customers.

  Panorama Elevator is a new marketing technology that can help increase visitor traffic and thus help sales growth. The elevator car can have almost any shape, allowing you to choose according to the required interior space and emphasizing the design concept. In this part, you can get more useful information by consulting the products of panoramic elevator manufacturers such as Suzhou Zhongling Tongda Elevator Co., Ltd.

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